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Floor Waxing Services

At The Cleaning Concern, we're experts in high-quality floor cleaning and maintenance services. We've cleaned and cared for floors in offices and businesses for many years. We adjust our services to match what you need.

The Importance of Floor Waxing for Businesses

Extending Your Floors Lifespan

Regularly waxing your floors can make them last longer and save money on repairs or new floors. Wax puts a protective layer on the floor. This layer stops and reduces direct contact, which lessens wear and tear. It's a vital part of keeping your floors in good shape. Floors that get waxed regularly can handle high foot traffic, moisture, stains, and scratches for longer.

Improved Appearance

A shiny, waxed floor looks great. It brightens your workspace, impressing clients, customers, and staff the moment they walk in. Clean floors show your business is professional and detail-oriented.


Keeping your floor clean and waxed can help prevent slips. Waxing gives your floor a better grip, lowering the chance of workplace accidents. Floor waxing helps keep your staff and customers safe.

Types of Flooring

Waxing floors is different for every type of floor. We adjust our methods based on floor material. We understand how to care for various floors.

Wood Floors

The choice of wax for wood floors is essential. We use paste wax designed for wood flooring. This involves spreading a thin layer of wax using a cloth or a specialized applicator.

Vinyl Floors

We use liquid wax developed for vinyl floors. We apply wax in multiple thin layers. This ensures a smoother finish and even shine. Each layer is allowed to dry before the next is applied.

Linoleum Floors

We wax linoleum floors with linoleum-friendly wax. We put on thin, equal layers of wax. This makes the floor look good and last longer.

Terrazzo Floors

We use high-quality wax designed for terrazzo floors. This wax enhances the floor's shine and protects it from stains and scratches.

Marble Floors

We use a wax product specifically designed for marble floors. This wax improves the natural shine of the marble and creates a protective layer against damage.

Professional floor waxing requires an understanding of different flooring types. You can trust our experience and expertise to give you the best results.

Floor waxing services for offices


We know that business owners can have many questions about professional floor waxing. We want to help you make the best choice. We've collected a list of the most common questions about floor waxing.

How Often Should a Floor Be Waxed?

How often you should wax your floor depends on what kind of floor you have and how many people walk on it. Busy areas need waxing every three to six months to keep them shiny and safe. But if fewer people walk there, waxing once or twice a year might be enough. Waxing can stop your floors from getting damaged and make them last longer.

How Long Does Floor Waxing Take?

Waxing a floor can take a different amount of time, depending on a few things. These things are the size of the space, the floor material, its current condition, and how many layers of wax it needs. Waxing a normal-sized room might take a couple of hours. A larger building could take longer.

How Soon Can the Floor Be Used After Waxing?

After a floor has been waxed, it needs time to dry. It's best to let it dry for about a day before you walk on it. This ensures the wax sticks well to the floor, making it look nice and last longer. The drying time can change based on the kind of wax, the weather, and how many coats of wax you put on.

Experience and Expertise

We've been waxing floors for more than 35 years. Our skilled team works hard to give you the best results.

Quality Results

We've become known for quality, with over 35 years of high-quality services. We focus on every little detail and aim for the best. Many businesses choose us as their go-to service provider.

Excellent Customer Service

We strive to provide the best customer service possible. We keep open communication, welcome feedback, and ensure we meet and exceed your expectations.

Getting Started with Our Floor Waxing Services

Want to see how a professional waxing can change your floor? Book a call with us today. Our floor experts are ready to give you the excellent service your floor deserves.

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