A well-kept and maintained office gives a good impression to clients or customers and contributes to staff’s productivity and well-being. Although cleaning and maintaining the office is not your top concern as an employer, this should still be in the to-do list in your commercial or office space. Clean space and interior air is important to both health and business operations. Poor quality of interior air causes diseases such as colds, asthma and other airborne disorders. It’s been directly related to symptoms such as headaches, problems with focus and concentration, irritation of eyes, nose and throat. Poorly kept spaces also spreads diseases which directly affect productivity in the office. Bacteria and viruses stay in contaminated areas for days until they find a host. Keeping the surfaces sanitized and clean at all times ensures these contagions are eliminated and your office is disease free.

Clean Interior Air

So how do you keep the space clean, sanitary and with good quality clean air? If you are in an office building, it’s more likely that windows are sealed and no outside air comes in which helps in circulating stale air. Office spaces most likely use air ducts to circulate air. To keep the quality of air clean and contagion free, regularly clean the air ducts to ensure dust, debris, allergens and other contagions are removed from ducts, vents and other air duct connections.

Sanitized and Well Maintained Facilities and Surfaces

Maintain cleanliness throughout your office space starting with the busiest parts such as the lobby or receiving area and the restrooms. Use proper cleaning equipment and safety gears to prevent cross contamination. Use environmentally friendly products that do not produce fumes and toxic chemicals which will compromise the air quality. Always maintain busy areas clean and toxin free.

It’s best to hire a maintenance and janitorial service crew to clean and maintain the office space. They are trained and well experienced in cleaning and maintaining the busiest parts of the space and are professional in dealing with clean ups and office air quality preservation. Depending on your business operations, janitorial services can design a solution for keeping the space clean from the busiest to the least used segment of the office.

The Top 3 Benefits of Janitorial Services

  1. You save the time and money spent on hiring your own janitorial and maintenance staff. You are released from training and supervising responsibilities. When you hire a service company, the staff training and supervision are their responsibilities. And if the assigned team is not available, a new team’s brought in to do the job without you worrying about it. The new team is briefed about the operation and will be able to comply with your standard. Cleaning company employees are trained and evaluated for their cleaning efficiency. Now doesn’t that give you peace of mind?
  2. And you don’t have to worry about the cleaning materials and equipment used. Cleaning service companies’ main concerns are cleanliness and safety. They invest both time and money to make sure their cleaning practices, materials and equipment are within current standards. Cleaning products and equipment have health and safety instructions for storage and handling. The janitorial service company is accountable for training and certifications needed for dealing with these substances. So if anything happens in handling and storage, the company is held responsible and not you.
  3. Each business’s operations and facilities are different. The good thing about hiring a janitorial service company is that they can tailor a cleaning solution for you, the times to clean and stock up on items as well as the cleaning method to be used for your convenience, employees and clients.

If you want hassle-free but clean and healthy work environment, hire a janitorial and maintenance service company. Hire a company that can comply with your cleaning and safety standards.