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Green Office Cleaning

Here at The Cleaning Concern, our utmost priority is to deliver exceptional cleaning services while prioritizing the well-being of our environment. We acknowledge the significance of preserving a healthy planet and have implemented various measures to guarantee that our practices are environmentally conscious and sustainable.

High-Quality, Environmentally Friendly Products

We offer quality, environmentally friendly cleaning products. These products are safe for the environment and those who occupy our clean spaces.

Advanced Equipment

Our HEPA filter vacuums and microfiber cloths provide optimal cleaning while reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact.

Proper Proportioning of Products

By accurately measuring our cleaning products, we reduce the amount of toxins released into the environment.

Recycled Paper Products

We offer eco-friendly options for paper products, including hand towels, toilet paper, and facial tissues with a high percentage of recycled content.

Our Mission

At The Cleaning Concern, our top priorities are trust and quality. Since 1987, we've worked with big and small businesses, like offices, retail, medical offices, and warehouses. Our aim is simple: to provide reliable, top-quality cleaning services. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and aim to exceed your expectations. Many customers have trusted us for over 30 years, showing our dedication to doing our job well. With The Cleaning Concern, you get more than a cleaning service. You get a trusted partner who maintains high standards and earns daily trust.

Benefits of Green Cleaning

Choosing green commercial office cleaning services doesn't mean sacrificing cleanliness. Our eco-friendly approach ensures your office is thoroughly cleaned while minimizing our environmental footprint.

Healthier Work Environment

Unlike conventional cleaning products, which frequently contain harsh chemicals that may lead to allergies, skin irritation and respiratory issues, our eco-friendly alternatives offer a safer solution. By asking for these green products, you not only promote a healthier environment but also enhance productivity and diminish the occurrence of sick days.

Reduced Environmental Impact

We prioritize practices that minimize our impact on the environment. We make use of energy-efficient equipment and employ techniques that conserve water. Opting for our green cleaning services ensures a clean office and contributes to our planet's well-being.

Customized Services

Whether you require daily, weekly or specific cleaning services, we can customize packages to suit your needs. We take the time to understand your requirements and create a cleaning strategy that guarantees your workplace is clean.

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Join our legacy: We have served our community for over 35 years with professional and reliable commercial cleaning services. Experience our commitment to excellence.

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