30 Years of Cleaning Service Care

To us, the janitorial services industry isn’t about cleaning – it’s about relationship building. Our clients are much more than customers…they’re friends. We’ve watched their companies and their lives grow year after year. You see, when you choose The Cleaning Concern, we make it our job to know you, to understand your business and to learn the nitty-gritty cleanliness details that are of the utmost importance to you…

…Because we really care about what we do.

Our Story

It all began in 1987. We launched a commercial cleaning services company and set out to help businesses improve the appearance of their spaces. When we say we stop at nothing to provide an outstanding service to our clients, we mean it.

Consistent site supervision and dedicated management are vital elements in our commitment to high standards, professional integrity and service excellence. From our detail-oriented approach to the high quality ecofriendly products we use, The Cleaning Concern prioritizes its clients. Whatever the request may be, however demanding a cleaning need may seem, we do it without question.

Our janitorial service staff knows that some cleaning agents are extremely toxic to the health of our environment. They are very strong and can be harmful to the people who are exposed to them. Our janitorial service staff is committed to using environmentally friendly cleaning products. Using environmentally friendly janitorial products help us protect the health of our clients and our employees.

First Impressions

Our company is founded on a boundless commitment to help businesses make the absolute best first impressions on their customers – no matter what it takes!

As a result, our client base continues to expand and our reputation precedes us. We know that our success depends on our clients and that’s why we make absolutely sure that our services are always delivered as promised.

The Janitorial Services

We accommodate a wide spectrum of commercial properties from corporate settings and retail outlets, to warehouses and manufacturing plants. By offering both contract and on-demand janitorial services, The Cleaning Concern provides the flexibility and resources to clean according to your schedule. Each maintenance program is specifically tailored to the needs of your organization and can include floor maintenance, construction cleanup, window cleaning, carpet cleaning and general janitorial services. No matter what your operational hours, we clean when it works for you – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Team Behind It All

Each member of The Cleaning Concern team plays an important role in the service we provide. Our cleaning specialists have been carefully selected according to education, experience and personality, and have undergone a rigorous training and orientation period to develop their skills before they hit the road.

The Cleaning Concern’s janitorial service staff is not only taught what to clean, but also how to clean according to the guidelines and protocols set directly by you – the company owners. We are fully insured by a W.S.I.B clearance certificate and we stay on top of our service delivery by conducting regular evaluations internally.

So what’s the end result?

A first rate cleaning service provided by first rate people.